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Electric Medicine

Electric Medicine is a progressive, psychedelic, space rock jam band from
the Chicago area that has been playing local establishments and festivals in the Midwest since the mid 1980’s. Their music is poignant and profound focusing on current events and political issues as well as inter-perspective and spiritual enlightenment. Their music promotes messages of peace and harmony, as well as what needs to be changed in the world we live in. Through positive energy and vibrations, Electric Medicine ‘fighting evil through music.’

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Theme is Trapezoid

Theme is Trapezoid achieves indeterminacy through compensation of the inherit uncertainty of outcomes in the incidental performances of its individual members. Through compensation of individual to group we achieve an unpredictable course of music that is indeterminate. Current lineup includes performance on Vacuum, Vibrating Toothbrush on Guitar, mono vocals/hand drum and bells, and an 8-bit 6-tone Keyboard.

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